• Rebecca Bodenheimer, PhD

    Rebecca Bodenheimer, PhD

    Writer. Editor. Independent scholar. I write about pop culture (music/TV/film), Cuba, higher education, and identity. https://rebeccabodenheimer.contently.com/

  • Corie Burdick Thompson

    Corie Burdick Thompson

  • Kristin Ohlson

    Kristin Ohlson

  • Judith Wellner

    Judith Wellner

    theatre, film, emerging tech— actor, photographer, model, producer— a huge believer of the power of empathy in igniting positive societal change

  • Esther Hofknecht Curtis

    Esther Hofknecht Curtis

    Book nerd and freelance writer finding gold in ordinary places. Email me at ejhcurtis@gmail.com Visit https://www.facebook.com/TheArdentReader19977/

  • Becky Wood

    Becky Wood

  • Sheila Ashdown

    Sheila Ashdown

  • Darren Odden

    Darren Odden

    I was raised in design and art, and learned to speak the many languages of technology & business. I have an active interest in all cultures, and love of people.

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